Auto Meter Water & EGT Gauge Kit & SAAS Pillar Pod for Nissan Patrol GU

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Looking for some Gauges for your Nissan GU Patrol?

This is the kit for you.

High Quality Auto Meter Gauges, renowned for their accuracy amongst the 4wd and, Performance Car enthusiasts. 

The kit comprises of the following components.

1 x Aeroflow Performance Radiator Hose Temperature Sender Adapter (inline fitting for the water temp sender)

1 x Auto Meter Sport-Comp Series Water Temperature Gauge  2-1/16", Short Sweep Electric, Metric, 40-120°C 

1 x Auto Meter Sport-Comp Series Pyrometer Gauge 2-1/16", Full Sweep Electric, Metric, 0-900°C 

1 x SAAS PILLAR POD PATROL 1997 - 2016 GU - Y61


Product Specifics.

Aeroflow Performance Radiator Hose Temperature Sender Adapter 
1-1/2" (38mm) O.D., with 1/8" NPT port, Black finish 


Sport-Comp Series Water Temperature Gauge
2-1/16", Short Sweep Electric, Metric, 40-120°C

  • Includes 1/8" NPT Sender.
  • Air-Core meter movement.
  • Includes 3/8" NPT adapter/fitting.
  • Includes 1/2" NPT adapter/fitting.


    Sport-Comp Series Pyrometer Gauge
    2-1/16", Full Sweep Electric, Metric, 0-900°C

    • Full Sweep, Stepper Motor meter movement.
    • Includes 8 ft. tubing or wiring harness.
    • Includes Type K Thermocouple.

    SAAS PILLAR POD PATROL 1997 - 2016 GU - Y61

    Auto Meter Sport-Comp series gauges combine accuracy and reliability with the classic tough' appearance and has become the standard competition instrument in motor sport They feature a black face, white accents, and red pointer.
    Gauges illuminate via incandescent bulbs and "around the dial" lighting. Red and Green bulb covers are included for a custom look. Coloured LED bulbs are available for more vivid and intense lighting.


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