FRAM 4wd Filter Kit for Holden Colorado RC 07-12


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FRAM 4WD FILTER KIT RODEO RA / COLORADO RC '07-12 Interchangeable - RSK6

Additional Information


  • AIR FILTER - Part No. CA10803
  • OIL FITLER - Part No. PH11138
  • FUEL FILTER - Part No. CA10803

    RYCO Cross Reference PN RSK6

    Fram developed their earliest filtration innovation way back in 1932 with the development of the first easily replaceable oil filter element cartridge, the precursor to the spin on filter assembly we are all keenly familiar with today. Capitalising on no less than 8 decades of innovation and experience developing and manufacturing oil filters for cars, trucks, agricultural equipment and military hardware, Fram has since broadened its scope to include engine air filters and cabin filters as well as a range of fluids to suit most popular applications across the vast majority of passenger, commercial and industrial vehicles.

    Fram Service Filter Kits provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for servicing your vehicle, which include the essential service items you need to keep your vehicle purring like a kitten and nothing you don't. These Fram Service Kits are vehicle specific, taking all the guesswork out of finding what you need to suit your unique vehicle while providing the type of value you only get when purchasing all your gear in one place at one time.

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