MSA 4x4 Tourer Pack & Basket Bag

MSA 4x4


Tourer Packs & Basket Bags

Model Number: see SPECS
RRP: $368.00 - $448.00
Dimensions: see SPECS

The ultimate in Roof Top Storage! Why? Because we don't just sell products, we use them!

Today’s 4wd’s have many storage options available for all the smaller bits and pieces we need on that trip, but nothing really caters for the big, bulky, lightweight items in the travel kit such as - tents, swags, bedding, tables, chairs, clothes, bags, etc.

The best & safest way is to store all this kit above on a roof rack, safe, dry and dust free inside an MSA 4x4 Tourer Pack or Basket Bag. It will free up so much space in the vehicle to make your travels that much more comfortable and safe - no more jamming the pillows & blankets in around the kids!

MSA 4x4 Tourer Packs and Basket Bags are extremely easy to use with a fully attached seat-belt harness system and a YKK chunky zip with double metal sliders on three sides. Just open the back of the pack, shove it in, push it forward, zip it up and tension it down. You're done packing and you're off!


Basket Bags
Model Number RRP Width (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm)
BP0.9 $368.00 90 90 30

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