Noco Genius GB40 Boost 12V 1000A Lithium Jump Starter



NEW Upgraded GB40 Model Now 1000A (replaced GB30)


The GB40 is an ultra-portable, lightweight and compact lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt batteries

. With it, you can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds - up to 20 times on a single charge. It's mistake-proof,

making it safe for anyone to use and features spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity protection.

The GB40 lithium jump starter integrates with a high-output dual LED flashlight with 7 light modes,

holds its charge for up to one year and features a USB battery pack for recharging personal devices on the go.

It's suitable for use on vehicles up to 6 liters (6000cc), such as a car, boat, truck, RV, motorcycle, ATV, lawn mower and more.

Truly, we've designed the GB40 to be the ultimate emergency roadside tool.


  • Compact, yet powerful. Safely jumpstart a dead battery in seconds - up to 20 times on a single charge.
  • Ultra-safe and mistake-proof, this offers spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allow it to safely connect to any battery
  • An ultra-bright dual LED flashlight with 7 light modes, including SOS, Blink and Emergency Strobe
  • Recharge your personal devices on the go - from smartphones and tablets to e-watches and e-readers (NOTE Does not Charge Apple products IEiPhone or iPads)
  • Designed for single battery engines up to 6 Liters (6000 cc) and 3.0L Diesel from cars and boats to motorcycles and lawn mowers


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Type: Jump Pack

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