Nova Max 400 LED Rechargeable Lantern



  • Rechargeable battery with Smart Charge Technology
  • Up to 400 lumens output from 4 x ultra bright 1 watt Nicha LEDs
  • Convex reflector provides flawless reflection
  • Power button glows in the dark for easy location
  • Removable lens allows the light to be inverted & hang upside down
  • Recharges from both AC & DC with charge
  • Indication lights - adaptors supplied
  • Adjustable light output
Power: Rechargeable
Size: 122W x 260Hmm
Weight: 1.75kg
Bulb: 4 x 1W Nicha White LEDs
Burn Time: 14 hours (low)
Recharge Time: 15 hours
Output: Up to 400 lumens

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