QIKAZZ LSD Limited Slip Diff 0.7mm Shim for Nissan GQ Y60 GU Y61 Patrol Rear H233B

QIKAZZ 4x4 & CampingSKU: RBP-0145.7

Sale price$9.00


Suits all H233B Diffs for Nissan GQ (Y60) rear diffs and almost all GU (Y61) rear diffs 

* LSD shim for diff lock

* Fit all GQ (Y60) rear diffs and almost all GU (Y61) rear diffs

* Does not suit the big GU H260 rear or the H233B small LSD

* Material: 0.7mm 304 stainless steel

* It is laser cut so it's dead flat and has no turned edges you get when stamping

* For Nissan already have a pretty good LSD but they can be made even better by tightening up the LSD discs in the rear diff. The most common diff set up on Patrols is a locker of some sort in the front and the LSD in the rear. So why not have the best LSD in the rear? Or if you don't sport a locker in the front then even more reason to have a great LSD in the rear. And at a really cheap fix. There are nor further parts needed - you don't need to change bolts or anything like that. They are easy for mechanics to fit and just as easy to take out and remove or add more later.

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