Roadsafe 4wd Radius Arm Spacer / Washer for Nissan Patrol GQ/GU to suit Standard Height


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Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacer Washer

PATRAMBC Nissan Patrol GQ-GU with Coil Front standard

Designed to fit GQ and GU Patrols with coil front.

Another common issue with the Patrols is for the standard radius arm washers to bend following excessive impacts, which can result
in premature failure of the arm.

Bigger tyres also generally means bigger shocks with longer travel. This increase in travel can put additional stress on the rear radius arm rubber bushings, causing them to distort or become dislodged.

The High Tensile Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacers, being stronger than standard washers, resist bending and aid in radius arm longevity.

The Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacers are also designed in such a way as to ‘cup’ the rubber bushing, preventing it from being dislodged, resulting in improved bushing longevity.

Three options of the Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacer/Washer are now available.

These now include:


The Roadsafe PATRAMBC is basically an upgraded washer, with improved bushing cup. It does
not provide for any spacing component. Just replace the original washer with the PATRAMBC
which is a stronger replacment with longer side walls.


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