Unifilter Foam Air Filter for Toyota Prado Turbo Diesel Flat Panel

Unifilter AustraliaSKU: TT290 215S

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Hi Performance Re-usable replacement air filter element. Includes Inner & Outer Foam.

This filter will suit the following models

Toyota Prado 2004-2015

GDJ150R, KDJ120R, KDJ150R, KDJ155R, RZJ120R

Equiv to K&N 33-2146

Unifilter Australia’s 4x4 range of replacement air filters combines decades of R&D in the most extreme Australian environments to produce effective and effi-cient products to ensure you get to enjoy your adventure.
Oiled foam filter elements ensure dust remains trapped within the filter, while clean air continues to flow freely.

Dual Stage Filtration:
Two separate layers of foam to ensure even the smallest dust particles are trapped.
We often find that the ‘outer’ stage does majority of the work, hence why we offer a spare outer stage in our combo kits, to get you back on the road quicker.

Unifilter Replacement 4x4 elements will give your vehicle the best air flow and protection possible. Our filter's are 100% serviceable, and if maintained as per the instructions, you should expect a service life 5-7 years.

Made, Designed and Tested in Australia for the harsh Australian conditions!

Uni Filter Australia

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