Boss Air 4WD Coil Assist Airbag Suspension Kit up to 2" for Nissan Patrol - LA-15

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LA15 – Double Convoluted Air Bag Coil Assist Kit to suit to to 2" Nissan Patrol GQ GU Rear

This is a Rear Coil Assist Kit for Nissan Patrol GQ and GU.

The air bags sit directly under the chassis and mount onto the bump stop strike plate and effectively replace the bump stops in the rear.

Keep your coils – these sit beside the coil under the chassis.

Primarily their purpose is to assist with carrying loads. Rated at 1.2t per bag that’s heaps of weight you can carry and do so at what ever height you want. But there were 3 added bonuses with this kit in the Patrols…

  • These mount to the under side of the chassis and relieve the coil towers of the loads normally exerted on them and so eliminate the cracking and coil tower problems people experience with heavy springs or coil inserts.
  • Patrol coils are close together and offer little sideways stability. The bags being outside of the coils offer a wider stance and significantly improved stability and handling.
  • Air bags dont rebound like steel springs and constantly push the wheels down. So you get a more constant down pressure when negotiating bumps when climbing steep hills and this results in improved traction.

BOSS Air Suspension does air bag load assist kits for virtually every type of ute, SUV or commercial van in Australia. With over 20,000 kits out there BOSS stand by their 5 year warranty on all bags and mounting brackets. BOSS also supply light weight air tanks and a range of fast 12v and 24v compressors.

This kit comes complete with bags, mounting brackets, air lines and valves to do both sides at the rear.

There is a double convoluted bag kit LA-15 which does normal to 2″ lifts and then there is a triple bag kit LAT-15 that does 3″ to 6″ lifts. The bags will out reach the shocks so wont limit wheel travel.

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