Dayco DT79A Thermostat for Nissan Patrol GQ / GU TD42

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NOTE : All of our DT79A Thermostats now include the foot valve spaced ready to fit straight into your TD42. 

These thermostats are longer in the body than standard and block the bypass therefore allowing no hot water to circulate until thermostat opens, they have been proven to make a substantial difference in the TD42 engines, especially ones that have the "kettle" heating issue.

 Suits all Patrol 4.2L Diesel Engines,GQ TD42, GU TD42T & GU TD42Ti

We run this thermostat ourselves and recommend them as do many other knowledgeable people in the industry specialising in TD42's.


  • Flange diameter: 54mm
  • Height: 62mm
  • Flange to base: 40mm
  • Vent valve: 29mm
  • Celsius: 82°C
  • Fahrenheit: 180°F

Dayco thermostats are designed to OEM specifications and come with a heat sensing wax filled copper power pill that detects the coolant temperature in the engine. The Dayco thermostat's amazing heat sensing power pill controls coolant flow from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach optimum operating temperature quickly. It then allows coolant to circulate through the engine when operating temperature is reached to create the perfect temperature controlled engine environment.

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