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The new and improved DJI Action 2 is packed with new features including magnetic design. 4K 120fps, 32GB built in memory and up to 180 minutes of recording.


Ready for action? The all-new, redesigned DJI Action 2 borrows the best parts of the original Osmo Action and takes them to the next level in a new versatile form factor. With a 4k/120fps camera, the Action 2 packs a punch and is perfect for capturing your next adventure. With its innovative magnetic design, you can effortlessly customise accessories to suit your shooting needs - simply snap and go!

The Action 2 is more versatile than ever before, with support for a range of accessories including the magnetic lanyard and remote control extension rod. Plus with versatile shooting modes and DJI Mimo app integration, producing stand-out content is easier than ever.

What's Different between the Dual Screen and Power Combos?

The DJI Action 2 Dual Screen and Power Combos are both equipped with the innovative DJI Action but feature one main difference  the bottom module they come with. The Dual Screen Combo comes equipped with the Front Touchscreen Module that is perfect for vlogging. The Power Combo comes with the Battery Module that extends battery life up to 180 minutes. 

What's new?

▪ 4K/120fps recording power for up to 8X super slow motion

 Waterproof aluminium alloy body that is sleek, durable and lightweight. 

 Super wide 155° FOV for capturing immersive ultra-wide action shots.

 HorizonSteady electronic image stabilisation for super-smooth and stable footage.

▪ Detachable Power Module that extends battery life up to 180 minutes for extra fun.

 Upgraded DJI Mimo integration helping you produce stellar content with ease. 

First Look & Overview.


  • DJI Action 2 - Capture the Action | D1 Store

Capture the Action.

Action 2 helps you capture cinema-level action footage with industry-leading camera performance, resulting in a compact package that delivers footage at up to 4K/120fps - perfect for showing off the action in slo-mo.

With an improved 155° ultra-wide FOV, you can capture more of the action than ever before for detailed results that highlight the action.


Action 2 features new advanced HorizonSteady electronic image stabilisation technology that ensures your footage stays level no matter how much action you throw at it.

This new stabilisation algorithm detects and corrects camera shake in real-time so you’ll have super smooth footage from the second you hit record.
  • DJI Action 2 - HorizonSteady | D1 Store
  • DJI Action 2 - All New Design | D1 Store

All New Design.

Engineered from the ground up for action enthusiasts, the Action 2 features a lightweight aluminium alloy body that is portable and durable, drop, dust and waterproof up to ten metres and always ready to go.

Plus, with an innovative new magnetic locking design, Action 2 gives you the ability to change accessories on the fly to create the optimal setup for your shooting scenario.

Power Your Play.

Extend your recording time with the Power Module for up to 180 minutes of action-packed fun! Equipped with a simple magnetic snap, the Power Module is the ultimate way to get the most out of the Action 2 and adds a MicroSD card slot as well! Plus with easy hot-swapping, you can swap and go for virtually endless recording.
  • DJI Action 2 - Power Your Play | D1 Store
  • DJI Action 2 - Unleash Your Creativity | D1 Store

Unleash Your Creativity.

Digital Zoom
With built-in digital zoom, Action 2 can seamlessly switch from close-up to distance shots and back again all whilst recording.

Condense time into short videos with show-stopping timelapses, perfect for capturing the passage of time in the city or by the sea.

8X Slow Motion
Elevate the action with 8X Slow Motion on the Action 2 and turn your stunts into spectacular action setpieces worthy of a Hollywood set.

DJI Mimo. 

Filled with intuitive features and powerful editing tools, the DJI Mimo app lets you get the most out of the Action 2 and make your content stand out.

With a new and improved AI editor, you let Mimo take the work out of producing quality videos for sharing with friends. And with fast file transfer, you can transfer content to your phone in a flash.

  • DJI Action 2 - DJI Mimo | D1 Store

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