Eliteweld Lower Control Trailing Arms Std Lifetime Warranty for Patrol GQ / GU - Genuine Bushes


Sale price$395.00


Here it is, the ultimate GQ / GU Lower Control Arms. 

These babies are massive, made from huge 40mm O/D Solid Bar and using a 5mm Bush Sleeve. These guys are never going to let you down. 

To prevent them rusting they have been electroplated, this process is one of the most durable coatings you can get so you can be certain they wont rust and fail in years to come. 

This set is Standard Length but they are also available in +5, +10mm and +15mm

These ones are pre fitted with Genuine Nissan Bushes, known to be the best in the industry, we also have available a cheaper version pre fitted with Roadsafe Bushes here.

We are so confident in this product they come with a lifetime warranty against bending/breaking. Yes that's right a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

If your into hard core 4wding these are what you need. Don't bother looking anywhere else, your wont find any other arms this strong on the market. 


!!! Exclusive to QIKAZZ 4x4 & Camping. !!!

Australian Made

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