Ezyspit BBQ Plate


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Get the most out of your Ezyspit and make it more versatile!

By adding our BBQ plate you not only have the ability to grill and fry the most delicious foods, you can also use it as a wind deflector when spit roasting.

Designed specifically for the ES600 Ezyspit, this BBQ plate requires no other fixings at all. It simply slots into your ES600 end panels. Once installed the BBQ plate can be placed in the down positioned for grilling and frying, instantly turning your flat pack fire pit into a useful barbeque.

Lift the plate into the upright position and you now have a handy wind deflector for use when spit roasting.


  • Multi purpose
  • No fiddly hardware required to install
  • Large surface area to cater for a crowd


Material: 3mm Mild steel

Finish: Raw

Dimensions: 386 x 172 x 12 mm

Please note: this product will only suit Series 2 Ezyspits. Series 2 Ezyspits can be identified by the addition of pivot holes in the end plates.



Australian Made

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