Gates Emergency Radiator Hose & Fan Belt Kit for Toyota Prado 120 2003 - 2007 1GR-FE


Sale price$159.95


Suit Toyota Landcruiser Prado 120 2003 - 2007 with 1GR-FE



  • Petrol Engine 4.0L/179KW 4.0 V6 WTi (GRJ120) 1GR-FE GRJ120 AWD Closed Off-Road Vehicle
  • Petrol Engine 4.0L/203KW 4.0 (GRJ120) 1GR-FE GRJ120 AWD Closed Off-Road Vehicle

  • Kit contains

    1 x 05-1980 Radiator Hose
    1 x 05-1981 Radiator Hose
    1 x 7PK2120 V-Ribbed Belt
    4 x 5724 Hose Clamps

    Gates is a High Quality aftermarket brand product.

    This is a great kit to buy and carry as spares in the back of your vehicle in the case of an emergency, you dont want to get stuck in the middle of no where and be trying to chase down parts while stranded on the side of the road. 

    *NOTE - due to their being so many variences, this kit is built using the belts which are most commonly used. If you are unsure, please supply us with what belt numbers you need before purchasing. The part numbers of the belts included in this kit are displayed for you as a reference.

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