Large Winch Recovery Hook 5.3t

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5.3TWinch Recovery Hook

This is a SWL 5.3t rated hook, Used for lifting and recovery purposes, Commonly found on the end of a winch rope, They are larger than the std hook you get with all winches, And rated to be stronger to give you a larger safety margin when winching.

These are bigger units as used in the Winch competition scene, for ease of sling attachment.


Overall length @ 220mm
Eye for Rope connection Internal diameter @ 40mm
Main catchment area ID @ 100mm x 60mm.

Some of its main benefits over standard are

  • Larger mouth, easy to get 2 strap ends in, and quicker
  • Spring loaded gate
  • Yellow for easy visibility
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Rated nearly twice the strength of the original hook
  • New upgraded latch to ensure durable enough for 4wding

Using a upgraded winch hook, makes the whole job much more pleasant, having the hook easily attach to the tree trunk strap ends, and come off again quickly and easily is a great treat.

We also have a large range of winch components like Synthetic rope, fairleads, solenoids, Winches in our store.

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