Milton 3-in-1 Tire Valve Extractor and Inflator Tool - Remove, Inflate, Install

MiltonSKU: S-443

Sale price$59.00


  • MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL: Use to remove valve cores, install valve cores, and inflate your tires with air. 1/4" threaded inlet.
  • SAVE TIME: Cut the valve cap installation process in half. Customized with air-holding seals to speed airflow through the tire valve.
  • NO MORE: Unnecessary wear on standard valve core tools, escaped air from the tire/valve, or having to reinstall the tire chuck.
  • TO INFLATE TIRE PRESSURE: Install air chuck onto #433, push knurled end inward, unscrew valve core. Pull knurled knob back, allowing core to be safely held inside of tool's air-tight chamber, out of the path of air.
  • FULL LENGTH: 5 1/8". (6 3/4" if extended).

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