MSA 4x4 Barrier Organiser

MSA 4x4


Barrier Organiser

Model Number: ORGC
RRP: $94.00
Dimensions: 58cm x 47cm

MSA 4x4 staff travel with everything in its place, to use previously unused storage space, we designed Barrier Organisers that attach to a cargo barrier or whatever you want it to really.

Excellent for 4wd's and work vans, the Barrier Organiser has 12 individual pockets for a mass of different items. Attaches to your cargo barrier with Velcro style tabs. It also has two stainless steel eyelets at the top for heavy duty securing.

The Barrier Organisers come in three sizes!

Product Model Number RRP Dimensions

Barrier Organiser

Barrier Organiser Half

Barrier Organiser Small







58cm x 47cm

45cm x 37cm

45cm x 18cm

Collections: Interior Accessories

Type: Gear Bag

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