MSA 4x4 Barrier Organiser - Half

MSA 4x4


Barrier Organiser - Half

Model Number: ORGHA
RRP: $84.00
Dimensions: 45cm x 37cm

Attach a Half Barrier Organiser for safe storage & easy access to all your smaller accessories. Made from 14oz heavy duty canvas with 6 small pockets, 3 large pockets and 2 extra large pockets to store a wide range of accessories & maps.

MSA 4x4 staff travel with everything in its place, to use previously unused storage space, we designed Barrier Organisers that attach to a cargo barrier or whatever you want it to really.

The Barrier Organisers come in three sizes!

Product Model Number RRP Dimensions

Barrier Organiser

Barrier Organiser Half

Barrier Organiser Small







58cm x 47cm

45cm x 37cm

45cm x 18cm

Collections: Interior Accessories

Type: Gear Bag

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