myCOOLMAN 73 Litre Insulated Cover


Sale price$169.00


The Insulated Protection Cover is a stylish and practical way to give your fridge even more protection. Available in sizes to suit the full myCOOLMAN range, the Insulated Protection Cover utilises a highly efficient insulation system featuring aluminium coated polyester to ensure maximum protection.Insulating Bag

Featuring the highest level of German engineering, the Insulated Protection Cover is designed tough and made with a rugged nylon exterior and additional rubber matting on the bottom to increase stability. It’s also simple to fit and comes with easy to access pockets perfect for cutlery, cooking utensils and other tools.

Product Features

Provides protection from the outdoor elements

Featuring a highly efficient insulation system using aluminium coated polyester

Extra Insulation against extreme outdoor temperatures

Rugged nylon exterior with rubber coating on base for stability

Saves battery power & improves overall efficiency

Stylish and protective, engineered for tough conditions

Open panels for ventilation, controls & connection plugs

Quick and simple to fit with practical pockets

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