QIKAZZ Complete Bump Stop Extension Kit for Nissan GQ / GU - Suits 2" Lift

QIKAZZ 4x4 & Camping


Bolt in Bump Stop Kit, to replace front and rear standard bumpstops with extended bump stops to suit 2" lift.

Plate supplied has a yellow chromate zinc coating and can be painted or left as is.

The photo with the gauges shows that the QIKAZZ 4x4 bump stops are 16% firmer than the Genuine Toyota Bump stops and a whopping 42% firmer than other brands.

This means you have more bump stop where you need it when landing hard. The design of the bump stop still allows a soft landing but on harder impacts the bump stop will not squash as far as quickly. This is very important when being fitted to 2 tonne + of Nissan Patrol!

These are a preferred option for bump stops as they have a progressive resistance, meaning not just a hard lump of rubber, they will compress giving you a softer landing, They have a steel plate at the base with a pre drilled hole, So in the front of a Patrol they will bolt straight into the inner spring perch.

These are commonly used for extending the bump stop length on Nissan Patrols and other applications, Raising your bump stop height is a great idea if running long travel shocks, even with bigger coils you may find they will compress enough to allow the shock to reach its compressed length, this is not good, if this happens to often then the shock will detoriate or you could just blow it out with one hard landing.

Another reason to extend your bump stops is to stop large tyres from hitting inside the guards, reducing the need for as much guard cutting in some situations.

They are 150mm long, and 100mm across at the base.

Supplied inluding the Countersunk bolt, nyloc and washer for the rear and you can simply use the existing bolt for the front.

Collections: GQ Patrol, GU Patrol

Type: Bumpstop

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