Racebred 4wd Front Diff Housing Full Brace Kit for Nissan Patrol GQ / GU

Racebred 4wdSKU: RBA-0015

Sale price$145.20


Suits GQ & GU Patrols with Coil Sprung Front End

Australian Made

This diff housing brace kit comes with all the items pictured in the photo.
A strengthening kit is a must for people who drive their Patrols hard in the bush, or even for those who go on remote outback trips to strengthen things up for the rough corrugations.

This kit includes:

  • 4 x Knuckle Gussets
  • 1 x Main truss brace that goes on top of the axle housing
  • 1 x diff drain plug protector (these are also available individually in our online store)
  • 1 x front pumpkin bash plate
  • 8 x hi tensile front radius arm washers
  • 4 x front control arm bracket braces
  • 1 x front triangle gusset that goes next to the diff pumpkin on the front

This kit can be welded on top or bottom of the housing. Some minor trimming may be required. Please make sure to check your clearance with the sump and other components before deciding to weld this kit on TOP. 

This kit will need a bit of welding to your axle housing, if this is getting fitted to a GQ housing, you will need to grind down some of the parts to make them fit on a GQ.

It is recommended to replace the inner axle seal at the same time, as welding the knuckle gussets can damage the seal from the heat. These are available separately in our online store.

These parts are for offroad use only.

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