RMS TD42 Billet Water Pump suits all TD42 Engines for Nissan Patrol GQ and GU

RMS PerformanceSKU: RMS-TD42BWP

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TD42 billet water pump upgrade. There are a few others on the market but no real insight as to what they are actually achieving.

The standard style pumps suffers quite badly from cavitation through the whole rev range to the point where at higher rpm the flow drops almost to nothing. This causes localised overheating leading to micro boiling and hot spots in your engine. 

NOTE : Non genuine water pumps seem to suffer far worse than  Genuine Nissan water pumps. 

Flow and Pressure test graphs have been supplied by RMS Performance based on their testing with flow/pressure equipment.

This solution helps eliminate the cavitation while ensuring that positive pressure and flow rates are maintained and flow rates are not excessive as moving the water too fast will have the same affect as moving too slow.

The other thing that sets these pumps apart from many on the market is they are 100% brand new with no second hand parts and no core exchange required.

Personally we recommend inspecting/replacing all other aspects of your cooling system first. Radiator, Fan Blade & Viscous Hub, Thermostat and your current water pump as well as a full system flush.

In 90% of the cases the Factory Genuine Water Pump will be ok if the rest of your system is working A1. If your chasing bigger numbers on the Dyno, running super rich with his HP or doing a lot of heavy towing or sand driving then this water pump is likely to assist on top of the above recommendations. 

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