Roadsafe 4wd Recovery Kit - Winch Extension, Tree Trunk Protector, 11t Snatch Strap, Soft Shackle & Bow Shackle

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Roadsafe 4wd Recovery Kit - Combo 7

Heavy Duty Kit for HEAVY Vehicles, includes 11,000kg Snatch Strap.


  • 1 x SB601 Winch Extension Strap - 20M 4500kgs
  • 1 x SB603 Snatch Strap - 11000kg 9M x 100mm
  • 1 x SB604 Tree Trunk Protector Strap - 3M x 75mm 12000kgs
  • 1 x SB039 Recovery Soft Shackle - 9000kg SB039 w/ Bonus Drying Bag
  • 1 x SB607 4750kg Bow Shackle


Winch Extension Strap - 20M 4500kgs

Prefect for when you need that extra length to reach your recovery point & have run out of winch rope.

Also can be used for flat towing where needed to recover a broken down vehicle

Roadsafe 4WD recovery straps are heavy duty & rated to comply with Australian Standards.

Winch Extension Straps do not have as much elasticity built in as a "Snatch" strap so do not use this strap for snatching purposes.


Snatch Strap 11T 9m x 100mm

Roadsafe offer a great range of Recovery Straps, with each one individually designed to suit its purpose. This is so you can have the right strap for the right application. The Roadsafe Recovery straps are tested to certified standards, fully stamped & tagged rated, come complete with fully sewn eyes & protective sleeves.

Required for performing recoveries on vehicles Must be used in conjunction with rated recovery points.

  • 9M length
  • 100mm width
  • 11000kgs WLL (kgs)
  • Protective sleeve
  • Sewn in eyelets
  • Certified to comply with Australian Standards
  • Heavy Duty strap

To choose the correct strap, it needs a rating of two-to-three times the GVM of your vehicle. So if your vehicle weighs 2500kg, you need a strap with a minimum-breaking limit of 5000kg-7500kg. This is why 8000kg snatch straps are most commonly found in four-wheel drives, as they should cover this amount of load with some margin for error. If you tow a camper trailer or van, don’t forget to include this in your weight calculations as well.

Remember, When it comes to snatch straps it isn't a game of 'the highest MBS wins', Snatch straps are effective as they stretch up to 20%, and quickly snap back unleashing the stored energy to un-stuck your 4WD. If you select a strap that has a rating too high for your vehicle, it won't stretch enough to effectively recover your vehicle, and could shock load the system, sending weak parts flying. 

Tree Trunk Protector Strap - 3M x 75mm 12000kgs

Tree Trunk Protector Straps are used when your winch point is a tree. These straps protect both the tree from damage & ring barking that would occur if you were to wrap your winch rope directly around the tree. As well as damaging the tree you could potentially damage your winch rope by hooking it back on itself.

These non-elastic straps give you a solid point to winch off when around a solid object as a tree.

A must have in any 4x4!


Recovery Soft Shackle - 9000kg SB039 w/ Bonus Drying Bag

Roadsafe  Soft Shackles are designed to be a safe, light weight, easy to use alternative to conventional steel bow shackles.

Made from UHWMPE 10mm 12 strand synthetic rope, as used in a range of winch ropes supplied by Roadsafe, the Roadsafe soft shackles are supplied complete with high visibility abrasion resistant sheaths, and pre-tensioned for immediate use.

By using a Roadsafe soft shackle you effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard steel shackle from your recovery system.

Being manufactured from rope the Roadsafe soft shackle floats, so no more lost shackles in muddy, watery environments during recovery, and is flexible, so suitable for a huge variety of applications.

 Rope Spliced Breaking Strain 10mm – 9000kgs

A few key features of the Roadsafe Soft Shackle… 

 ·         Maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel

·         Lowest elongation, minimal stretch

·         Light weight for gross weight reduction

·         Time saver, takes less time to set up than a conventional shackle

·         Floats in water & muddy environments

·         Abrasion resistant sleeves for maximum durability


High Visibility Bow Shackle 4750kg

Shackles are an essential recovery item & you can never have too many of them. They are most commonly used to attach recovery straps, tree trunk protectors, winch extension straps & snatch blocks. The larger 4.7 tonne shackles are best suited to electric winch recovery situations. The most commonly used shackle is the "Bow" because its shape allows for bulky items to be easily attached. Shackles should only be used on vehicles fitted with rated points featuring closed eyelets.

Pro Tip : To avoid seizing the screw pin, it's always a good idea to back off about 1/2-Full turn after fully hand tightening. Shackle Pins can seize due to the force exerted during recovery operations

  • Essential item for your recovery kit
  • Rated 4750kg
  • High Visibility
  • Heavy Duty
  • Use with recovery straps, winch extension straps, snatch blocks & tree trunk protectors
  • Bow shape allows bulky straps to be attached easily
  • Complies with AS/NZS 27141.2002

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