Roadsafe 4wd Tail Shaft Spacer 13.25mm for Mitsubishi Triton ML MN


Sale price$115.00


The Roadsafe Transmission Spacer Kits provide a fix to aid in controlling the driveline vibration and noise after a lift is installed.

Is your Manual ML Triton (06-on) suffering from significant driveline vibration following a suspension lift? This is most likely due to the fact that the Manual ML Triton has a two piece drive shaft with centre bearing. Your mate in the Auto ML Tridon, with the same lift, will not have the same issues becuase the Auto versions have a single piece drive shaft. The Roadsafe 13.25mm Diff Spacer is fitted between the rear drive drive shaft and the diff, lowering the bearing by 5-8mm, and compensates for the absence of a slip joint in the drive shaft prolonging the life of the Centre Bearing. In extreme cases it will not fix vibration issues. Suits Lift 2"+. Tail Shaft Spacer 13.25mm - for Mitsubishi Triton ML MN MQ

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