Roadsafe 4wd Rear Lower Control Trailing Arm Bush Set of 4 for Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 105 Series

RoadsafeSKU: S0508RSet4

Sale price$95.00


Full Set of 4


To supplement our range of standard front end lines Roadsafe have developed a range of rubber bushings suitable for 4WD Applications. Manufactured from Natural Rubber, the Roadsafe rubber bushings offer longer wear characteristics, in addition to the ability to absorb minor vibrations and noise from neighbouring suspension parts. Natural Rubber bushings are generally noise free in their own operation (when in good condition!).

Designed to OE dimension specifications, Roadsafe Replacement Trailing Arm Bushings can be purchased to suit for a wide range of trailing arms.


You require 4 of these to do ONE car, this is for a complete set.

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