Saber Offroad SaberPro® 20m Black Winch Extension Rope – 9,500KG (21,000lbs)

Saber OffroadSKU: SBR-WERS

Sale price$199.95


Welcome to the SaberPro® 20M Black Winch Extension Rope.  Unlike other winch extension ropes we have braided a cover over the eyes for more protection and to make them even easier to attach.

Built tough, this winch extension is the perfect addition to any recovery kit.  With 20M (65ft) of length, it’s versatile and ready for when you need it most!

This rope loop is manufactured from our proprietary fiber, SaberPro, a stronger and more durable fiber developed for exactly these needs.

Key Features

  • 9,500KG (21,000lbs) breaking strength
  • 20M  (65ft) Length
  • Red Braided eyes for greater protection and ease of use
  • Constructed from our exclusive SaberPro™ fibre
  • Perfect compliment to our range of winch ropes

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