Trundles Boost Comp Cap suits TD42 Injector Pump - Blue

Trundles AutomotiveSKU: TACC-B-KIT

Sale price$140.00


Trundles Automotive Boost Comp Cap - Multiple Colours

1x Boost Compensator Cap - BLUE

- Made with Billet Aluminium
- Available in Green, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange, Grey or Black
- These are also aesthetically pleasing in your engine bay
- Should work on most common configurations of VE pumps such as TD42, 1HDT, 1HDFT, WLT, 4M40, 4D56, L series and others.

More Information:
Many factory VE injector pumps have little to no start fuel adjustment, when tuning some customers vehicles we found that to get enough boost fuel delivery we would lose the ability to reduce the start fuel enough resulting in black smoke. After some time searching we couldn't find a product available with a taller cap so manufactured our own.

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