Unifilter Filter Fix Oil, 1 litre

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1 Litre Unifilter Filter Fix.

Mineral based foam filter oil. Will not dry out like synthetic filter oils. Designed and made in Australia. 

*Please note we cannot send Filter Oil & Cleaner internationally*


Over the past 40+ years Unifilter has developed its own Foam Air Filter Oil and Foam Air Filter Cleaner.

Unifilter's foam filter oil is the only 100% mineral based filter oil left on the market. There simply is no better foam filter oil available. Mineral based foam air filter oil does not contain any harsh chemicals or solvents that can affect the foams and glues used to manufacture foam air filters. Mineral Based filter oils also have the added benifit of not drying out like synthetic foam filter oil can. If you want the best protection for your engine there is no better foam air filter oil available.


Unifilter's Foam Air Filter Cleaner is a Citrus based cleaner. Our Citrus Cleaner not only cleans all the dust and dirt out of you filter is also will not have any adverse effect on the foam.


Uni Filter Australia

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