Uniglide Gun Guard - 300g Spray Lubricant

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QIKAZZ is the distributor for Uniglide in Victoria, QLD and SA.

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Uniglide Gun Guard is the choice of Serious Firearm Enthusiasts and Shooters around the Globe

Contains UNIGLIDE'S unique FRC for Performance from Technology


  • Smoother and more reliable action
  • Reduced stoppages
  • Potential enhanced ballistics
  • Rust Prevention
  • Reduced carbon build-up and fouling in the bore
  • Excellend for drilling, tapping & machining by gunsmiths

GUN GARD™ is an extremely concentrated lubricant that Incorporates the UNIGLIDE FRICTION REDUCING CONCENTRATE (FRC) technology which has the following capabilities, as reported by users:
• Very efficient lubricant for all metal surfaces, slides, trigger groups, bores etc.
• GUN GARD™ creates a bond with metal surfaces, ferrous or non-ferrous, leaving a microscopic film which helps protect against corrosion.
• Being a concentrate, is used sparingly so is economical.
• Reduced mess from residual oil which may potentially affect the shooter’s grip of the firearm.
• Enables stiff or notchy actions to operate smoothly…particularly stainless-steel actions!
• Reduced stoppages due to more efficient lubrication on feed-ramps and in the breech.
• Reduced carbon build-up and fouling, making any residual carbon easier to remove.
• Reduced friction in the bore can potentially enhance ballistics.
• Excellent penetrating capabilities, using a capillary action to access corroded threads and freeing them up.
• Works well for gunsmiths when drilling, tapping, machining etc.

    Our story - Uniglide

    This cutting-edge lubrication technology was developed to extend equipment life and deliver optimum performance in any equipment treated across a range of industry and the world. Our technology has been tested time and time again and proven to exceed ASTM standards in independent internationally accredited laboratories. The technical and scientific finesse of our lubricant solutions are proven beyond the laboratory though. Our lubricants excel in extreme environments, heavy industry and performance engines especially.

    Our range of lubricants for all things mechanical meet and surpass standards of the majority currently available products on the market. We don't do Adequate!

    Uniglide is proudly made In Australia



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